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What's different about broadband for business?

A business broadband connection can be very different to a home service. Typically a business connection is set up to meet the increased demands of a business, which usually means:
  • Higher speeds to handle the extra bandwidth demand a full office makes
  • Generous usage limits (often unlimited)
  • Competitive prices that aren't that different to domestic plans
Many businesses will have some sort of broadband needs, whether that means running a website, or just using internet access for email etc.

Why might I need it?

There's a number of reasons you could need a business broadband deal. Typical examples could include:
  • Email - so customers, suppliers or other businesses can stay in touch
  • Website maintenance - if you have a website for your business you might need to make updates from time to time
  • Social media - your business may have social media accounts that need to be monitored and updated
  • Business or marketing tools - tools used by your business might be web-based or need access to the internet
  • Research/web browsing - you and your staff may need access to the internet to do your job
Internet for your business doesn't need to be expensive. Depending on your needs, you could pick a tariff which isn't that different in price to a domestic tariff

Compare broadband and other business solutions

Having broadband in place for your business has many benefits, like:
  • Bandwidth and download speeds - domestic broadband lines are shared with other users, and depending how many people are online at the same time, it could affect download speeds, but with a business broadband line it'll be dedicated to you and your customers so this shouldn't happen
  • Increased security - having a virus on work computers, or having your systems hacked can be detrimental to your business. Business broadband packages typically come with increased security and firewalls to help prevent attacks like this
  • More services - businesses typically have increased demands on their internet, such as email servers and FTP (file transfer protocol) which domestic lines don't support as you'll need a static IP address
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