Car leasing

Car lease deals

Car lease deals

What is Car leasing?

Car leasing is essentially a long-term rental agreement for a car lasting up to two, three or four years.

You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for the length of the agreement and once this contract ends, you’ll hand the car back to the leasing company. It’s as simple as that!

How does Car leasing work?

Before driving away, you’ll have to agree with the car leasing company on your preferred contract length - how long you’d like to lease the car for. You’ll also have to decide on your annual mileage amount - how many miles you think you’ll cover over the course of your contract.

After you’ve agreed on your contract and arranged payments, you’re then free to drive away in your brand-new car.

What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?

Personal Contract Hire, or PCH, is another way of saying car leasing. But it’s for your own personal use rather than for business. You don’t own the car when you take out a PCH deal, you enter a long-term rental agreement, like if you were renting a property.

Once your contract is up and you’ve returned the car to the leasing company, you’re free to take up a brand new PCH deal and lease a completely new car.

What’s the difference between business car leasing and personal car leasing?

Business car leasing, otherwise known as business contract hire or BCH, is a long-term arrangement that allows a business to lease a car.

Much like Personal Contract Hire, a BCH agreement is paid with a fixed monthly cost over a set number of months. The terms are agreed beforehand by the car leasing company and the business.

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The pros and cons of Car leasing


- Being able to upgrade your car to the latest model every few years or whenever your car leasing contract is coming to an end

- You’ll also benefit from being covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee

- No obligation to own the car or make further payments after your contract expires

- Road tax is usually included in the deal, so won’t cost you extra

- Some deals include maintenance packages to cover servicing and scheduled maintenance

- Choose to have your new car delivered to your home


- You won’t own the car at any point

- You’ll have to stick to the agreed annual mileage limit. If you go over the agreed amount you may incur charges set by the leasing partner

- Beyond wear and tear, you’re liable to pay for any damage to the car

- If you decide to end the lease deal early, there’ll be an early settlement figure to pay

How does car leasing work with and

We’ve teamed up with car leasing experts,, to offer the best possible service when comparing and buying car leasing deals. Car leasing with is simple and straightforward:

Choose your car and plan

Compare leasing offers on any car make and model. You can also tailor your plan by adjusting your monthly payments to suit you and by choosing your desired mileage limit and length of lease. Perfect if you’ve got a monthly budget you’re looking to stick to.

Visit your chosen lease advertising partner

Once you’ve chosen your leasing deal, you’ll then have to transfer to the advertising partner providing the lease and car. Don’t worry, our trusted partners will make sure you get through to their site securely and safely.

Wave goodbye to buying

The leasing partner will keep in touch and help you place your order. They’ll also keep you updated on the progress of your car, leaving you worry free.

What happens at the end of my lease?

At the end of your lease deal, you’ll have to return the car and the keys to the leasing company. The leasing company will check the car’s mileage and general condition.

If the car is in good condition and you haven’t gone over your agreed annual mileage limit, there should be no further charges to pay. After which you’re free to lease a new car without worrying about what to do with your old one!

Car leasing FAQs

Does provide the car? will not provide the car when you buy through their site. works with multiple leasing advertising partners, offering a huge range of leasing deals. If you find a leasing deal to your liking, your car will be provided by the leasing partner offering the deal.

Do I need to buy insurance when I lease a car?

Yes. Just like when buying a car, you’ll have to arrange your own insurance for your vehicle. Luckily, we know a thing or two about car insurance and can quickly help you find insurance for your lease car.

Should I buy or lease a car?

Leasing has many advantages over buying, such as being able to choose the latest model of car to drive every few years for a fraction of what it costs to buy a car outright. However, it does mean you won’t own the car outright when the lease ends. You should always think carefully about what’s best for your personal and financial situation before entering into any financial agreement.

What’s the difference between car leasing and car finance?

Both PCH car leasing and PCP car finance are similar but with a few key differences. Both require an upfront payment followed by fixed monthly payments. The key difference between the two is that at the end of a PCH purchase you must hand the car back to the car leasing company. However, with PCP, you’ll have the option of either paying what’s called a ‘balloon payment’ to keep the car or giving the car back and starting a new PCP deal. PCH car leasing is leasing in its truest form. No hidden costs or surprises at the end of your deal. Simply hand the car back when your contract expires and start a new leasing deal with a new car.

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