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Below you'll find more information and frequently asked questions about horsebox insurance

What types of horsebox insurance are available?

Similar to car insurance, there are two main types of horsebox insurance, from fully comprehensive, to third party, fire and theft. You’ll also find options to choose whether you use your horsebox for social, domestic & pleasure or for a business purpose.

Do I get a discount on my horsebox insurance if I do limited mileage?

If you reduce the mileage used on your horsebox, certain insurers may offer a reduction in your insurance premium. This will be based on the understanding that you don’t exceed the agreed limited mileage figure during your policy.

As with any information you provide, it’s important to make sure your estimated annual mileage is as accurate as possible. Providing the wrong information could lead to your policy being invalid if you ever need to make a claim.

Is driving other vehicles included with horsebox insurance?

Unfortunately, as horsebox is a specialist type of insurance, driving other vehicles is excluded from all It's Horsebox Insurance policies. 

Cover abroad

Driving your horsebox abroad doesn’t have to come with additional costs. This is an optional add-on to the standard horsebox insurance policy. Some policies may include it as standard but it's worth checking the policy documents if it's something you're looking for specifically.

Can I get a discount if I’m the only one driving?

Reducing the number of drivers on your horsebox insurance policy may result in a lower premium. This is because, essentially, you are minimising the potential risks. By restricting the number of named drivers to a minimum, some insurance companies are able to offer discounts and lower the overall cost of your horsebox insurance.

Are there any horsebox weight or height restrictions that could affect me getting an insurance quote?

Most of the insurers It's Horsebox Insurance compare are happy to provide a quote regardless of the weight or height of your horsebox. However, this may be subject to underwriting criteria.

Do horsebox insurance policies include cover for the horse when in transit? 

Unfortunately, cover for the horse when in transit is excluded from all horsebox insurance policies. You can seek additional insurance to cover your horse elsewhere.

Does my horsebox insurance include windscreen cover? 

All comprehensive horsebox policies include windscreen protection which covers the repair or replacement costs of a broken windscreen. You may, however, be subject to excess to contribute towards the costs – this information will be outlined in your policy documents.

My horsebox is of high value - can I still be insured?

Some insurers specialise in horsebox cover and could offer excellent prices for a large range of horseboxes. There are optional extras available to ensure that your vehicle is insured with a level of cover that meets your needs. If you’re not entirely sure whether you need extras, it’s best to chat to the insurer beforehand.

Should I get several quotes for the same policy?

It’s Horsebox Insurance offer a full range of policies for both horseboxes and horse trailers. This saves you time and effort and will display the most suitable and cost-effective policies in one place. One form will provide all the information required and is a great way to compare relevant horsebox cover. 

Do I need a specialist licence to drive a horsebox?

You will need a specific category requirement on your driver’s licence which depends on the weight of your horsebox. For example, if your horsebox weighs 3.5-tonnes, you will need a Category C1 licence which covers you to drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5-tonnes on public roads. You can find out more about the different licence categories on the website.

Am I covered at horse shows and events? 

If you are using the horsebox for its correct use, for instance ‘social, domestic and pleasure’, then the horsebox may be covered as normal. However, this does depend on the underwriting criteria, so please contact It's Horsebox Insurance if you are unsure or alternatively, check your insurance documents.

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