Temporary van insurance

Find short term cover for your van in minutes

The average cost for a one day temp van policy is just £48*

  • Get covered instantly if you need a policy to start immediately

  • Buy cover up to 28 days in advance

  • Flexible cover and no lengthy contracts

*Figure from Tempcover for average policy purchases in October 2021.

What is temporary van insurance?

Temporary van insurance is a short term, comprehensive insurance policy to protect you and your van for between 1 hour and 28 days. Unlike a conventional 12-month policy, short term and temporary van insurance policies allow you to get comprehensive cover to drive a van, just for the period you need.

If driving a van is something you do rarely, it’s a great way to get comprehensive insurance protection at a price that reflects the amount you drive.

When do I need temporary cover for my van?

There are times when you may want to consider taking out a temporary van insurance policy:

If you occasionally have to drive a van for work purposes a temporary policy can be a quick way to get cover as and when you need it. It’s often cheaper than the price of a full 12-month policy.

Moving home can take a long time if you've got a lot of items to transport. Borrowing or hiring a van can help speed things up, but you’ll need a valid insurance policy to drive on UK roads.

When you need to deliver or collect larger items like white goods or furniture.

When test driving a new van you might be able to get temporary cover that starts straight away.

Driving a new van home. Temporary insurance offers you cover straight away and could buy you some time to shop around for longer term van insurance.

What are the benefits of temporary van insurance?

If you’re only driving a van as a one off or on an occasional basis, short term van insurance could be cheaper and more flexible than standard year-long cover. The benefits of temporary van insurance include:

  • Only paying for cover when you’re driving the van.
  • Peace of mind that you’re protected and legal to drive.
  • Comprehensive insurance on UK roads as standard
  • Protected no-claims bonus. If you need to claim, any no-claims bonus you, or the van owner, have on another car or van should be protected.
  • Arrange cover in minutes.

How does short term van insurance work?

Short-term van insurance works just like an ordinary van insurance policy. You can arrange comprehensive cover in minutes and with documents emailed over straight away you should quickly be able to get behind the wheel. You just need the permission of the owner of the van you’ll be driving.

Our partner Tempcover.com should be able to offer you their best short term van insurance quote in no time at all.

What do I need to get short term van insurance?

Here's what you'll need to get a quote:

Personal details

  • Your name and address
  • Your licence details
  • What you’re going to be using the van for - for example, social and domestic use or business use
  • Full payment details

Van details

  • Details of the van you’d like insurance for
  • How long you’d like cover for
  • The date and time you’d like cover to begin

Find cover for your van in minutes

What does temporary van insurance cover?

  • Comprehensive insurance for up to 28 days. This offers protection for you and your van if you’re involved in an accident, if your van is stolen or if it’s damaged by fire.
  • Accidental or deliberate damage to your van. Don’t be left out of pocket if your van is the target of vandals.

What isn't covered by temporary van insurance?

Like a 12-month van insurance policy, there are certain things that won't be covered by a temporary insurance policy. These include:

  • Driving other vehicles
  • Additional drivers
  • Releasing the van from an impound
  • Any damage to trailers
  • Any personal belongings or tools

Driving other vehicles. You’ll only be covered for the van that’s listed under the policy.

Additional drivers. Only the policyholder will be covered.

Releasing the van from an impound will be down to the policyholder. Any fees won’t be covered by your policy.

Any damage to trailers being towed by the van.

Any personal belongings or tools being carried in the van.

Which types of van can be insured?

When getting a quote, you can select from the following body types:

  • Van
  • Tipper
  • Pickup – single cab
  • Refrigerated/insulated
  • Pickup – double cab
  • Motorcaravan
  • Box van
  • Horsebox
  • Luton van
  • Vans up to 5 seats in total

It’s vital you select the correct van body type for the van you are insuring. Getting it wrong could mean you pay more, or worse, invalidate your cover.

How much does temporary van insurance cost?

The average prices for one day and one week are1

One day


One week


1Figures taken from Tempcover for average policy purchases in October 2021

The cost of your own policy will depend on certain factors, including:

  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • The type of van that you're looking to insure
  • How long you need to cover your van for

The best way to get an idea of how much it'll cost to cover your van is to get a quote.

What type of cover is available?

Depending on how you use it, you can insure your van for:

  • Social, domestic and pleasure use
  • Commuting, plus social, domestic and pleasure use
  • Carriage of own goods in connection with your business
  • Courier or haulage use

Find out more about the different classes of use for van insurance.

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